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Month: February 2017

What is and when to use Shutter Priority Mode?

Shutter Priority Mode “S” or  “TV” Mode Shutter priority mode is one of the settings between automatic and manual. It allows you to select the Shutter Speed and ISO and the camera will calculate all of the other settings. The Shutter priority mode is useful to control the blur in a picture. If you want a moving object frozen in time, pick a fast shutter speed (e.g. 1/2000). If you prefer to have some blur to show that there...

The Exposure Triangle Tutorial

The Exposure Triangle – A Complete Beginner’s Guide Understanding the exposure triangle is by far the most important point to learn for someone who is beginning with photography. Of course this can be confusing initially but the essence of the triangle is light – you need the correct amount of light to correctly expose a picture. The Exposure Triangle covers the 3 ways (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) that this can be achieved. The...